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Please note: Skin settings not only include the skin parameters, but also other settings including panel position-

ing, bottom menu buttons (activating/deactivating) etc. However, if the skin is changed, these settings will be


Editing a skin

If adjustments to a skin are required in order to match, for example, the image or style of a site, the

Skin Editor


located on a setting button next to the skin menu dropdown (available only in Professional and Business Edi-

tions), can be used.

In the skin editing panel you can see an overview of the elements of a publication. Each of these can be se-

lected and adjusted as required. You can apply different background images, colours as well as windows and

a bottom menu. You can also change the text color and style and modify the gradients for buttons. To save a

modified skin for future projects, please save it as a separate file (see the picture below).